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AA: Alex Alexander: International Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist, Producer, Lifestyle Correspondent, Lifestyle/Fitness Model

DEBUT SINGLE, "She's A Dynamite" NOW AVAILABLE on iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, VEVO, AmazonMP3 & more...

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Tween Dance Class APPROVES: New Single, "She's A Dynamite" [Sweden] 

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(Dec). New Single Love: International 'tweens' find new single, "She's A Dynamite," by singer/songwriter and guitarist Alex Alexander ROCK-OUT worthy! The fun, #yolo free girls are seen dancing to the new track at the professional dance studio of the #aamadeinsweden niece {video} below.

One might jump to include: 'Well, its quite easy for a relative to promote a new artists' single!' Contrary. If you have ever done any type of creative work, often you will find that those closest to you, are usually near last in understanding what you do is actually fan/share worthy. Especially amongst -no offense- teen/tween girls who might head bang or "whip their hair" to your tune today, but then "thumbs down" you tomorrow. For a dance class who must listen to a song over-and-over to practice the routine, rehearse at home, and promote what they're doing to a tune that is not mainstream [YET] is quite astonishing! Hey, we'll take it. Enjoy this amazing parent video below of a portion of the girls performing to Alex Alexander, 'She's A Dynamite.'

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(Nov/Dec). The Guitar Experience unites guitarists around the world, to learn from each other. Alex Alexander is not only a featured guitarist on the UK based website, but is currently being announced strongly via their Youtube channel, social media platforms (including Facebook) & more! Talk about industry support!? The Guitar Experience, even went a step further to promote AA's new debut single, "She's A Dynamite." Alex is now an official guitarist for the company serving up lessons and industry tips, special play requests, and other promotional brand duties! Here is the personal video Alex Alexander taped below on behalf of 'The Guitar Experience.'

The Guitar Experience Official Homepage


IG: Alex Alexander as producer w/female artists- 2014

(October 31, 2014): As a prominent songwriter/producer [especially] for the Asian music market, Alex Alexander understands the opportunity to build a creative relationship and fan love globally- starting with a Japanese Music Video version of his just released single, "She's A Dynamite." The video is available on youtube (WATCH VIDEO BELOW). Not only can the video be enjoyed via Japanese subtitle translation, but is available to purchase using iTunes Japan by clicking here.

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1st REVIEW ALERT: ScandiPop Says Kelly Clarkson Would Be Proud of DEBUT SINGLE, 'She's A Dynamite' 

(October 28, 2014): The first review is in- of the just released debut single, "She's A Dynamite," by Alex Alexander.

Written by ScandiPop (scanipop.co.uk), All the latest news and reviews from the world of Scandinavian Pop Music- London/Stockholm

Taken from the first paragraph of the actual review:

....Swoonsome Swedish model Alex Alexander has turned popstar. We like it when they do that. Well, actually he’s been playing around with a guitar for quite a few years now. But this week he uploaded his first official single to YouTube. And we really like it. ‘She’s a Dynamite’...

@ScandiPop goes on to include:

...repeated plays reward the listener with a massive catchy chorus that Kelly Clarkson would be proud of, when she’s in one of her more commercial eras...
The article ends wanting to see/hear more from this budding new artist, and seems to be a long-time follower. Hopefully just the beginning of many!

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Click on image below to read entire review!

Snap shot of Official Review Written by ScandiPop, (scandipop.co.uk)

Alex Alexander - She's A Dynamite Buy Now and Stream! Available on iTunes, Spotify, AmazonMP3, & GooglePlay-

http://alexalexanderlive.com/ fans can visit the official website to purchase the debut single, "She's A Dynamite," for just .69cents USD #share

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(October 2014). Genres: Pop. Rock, Indie. International singer/songwriter/guitarist/producer Alex Alexander officially releases debut single, "She's A Dynamite."
Available on Iphone AND Android mobile platforms (click on name below):
-Spotify  (US)
-VEVO Official Website
-VEVO on YouTube
-iTunes (Hong Kong)
-ITunes (Sweden)

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Alex Alexander Featured in Worldwide Music Campaign: #MyStory-  

(October 10, 2014) Alex Alexander featured in worldwide music campaign: #MyStory a project by East 52nd Records (UK) and 'Do The Right Thing' (DTRT) want to know: has music changed your life? Sharing across international television, direct with fans of music, and of course social media, they want to know how music has helped you- whether you are a professional or emerging musician, a fan, a festive goer, supporter?!

#MyStory wants everyone involved! Has music helped you through hard times? Create memories? Whatever your story, they want to hear it through your video, campaign share, or with your support. AA is very honored to be invited to participate by the East 52nd/DTRT team in such a global need: music! While Alex is not represented by the UK label, it is great to see their support for his emerging brand and music. View the official promotional campaign video below which features your UR FEW Media singer/songwriter, guitarist, producer, lifestyle model & correspondent: Alex Alexander, #aamadeinsweden

More campaign info here
Alex Alexander's FULL STORY (not seen in promo) on East 52nd Official Website, here

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-Alex Alexander

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Alex Alexander Returns Regularly This Fall to UR FEW Radio [Listen to his Segment] Podcast

(September 7th) AUDIO BELOW: The occasional UR FEW Radio station ID, event coverage, perhaps even a familiar music beat/bed can be recognized of the international producer, singer/songwriter, and guitarist, but his personal taste on music, fashion, and lifestyle news until now has been sporadic. Well--begin to mark your calendars. #aamadeinsweden Alex Alexander will be appearing regularly this fall on UR FEW Radio (your/you are) Fashion. Entertainment. Wellness Radio which airs LIVE on Sundays via a LIVE studio in the US, but is available worldwide on TuneIn mobile/online application.

This musician and model is working alongside artist development/brand management UR FEW Media, specifically brand manager, Asha Spacek on not only latest imaging, articles, single release, and more, but after countless hours of hilarious, yet factual feedback from AA during their strategy sessions, Asha thought it was time to give Alex a fuller slot. "I felt it was time that his current and future fans begin to hear not only the passion and knowledge he has for the industries he is part, but also to show that this young kid [probably to some] can hold a conversation about the influence of what's to come of his generation in this realm, but even with English being his second learned language-he clearly has an opinion. Why not share it?"

Eventually Alex will gain a regular time slot each week -but for now- he will announce on his/their social media when you can expect to hear him on that week. If you happen to miss the tweet, post, or promo, then of course, as a member of this page, an archive will later be posted for you to play over and over.

Listen to Alex Alexander segment (below) for the September 7, 2014 show which has been rescheduled to return LIVE Sunday, September 21st at 9pm {Stockholm time} US times: 2-4pm CST, 3pm EST/Noon Pacific. -all content was read & prepared by AA; -audio imaging/editing by host/producer asha spacek

@URFEWRadio , learn more...
On TuneIN via The Edge On Air, WISC


AllAccess.com, the web's largest radio and music industry community requested a feature interview with Alex Alexander, scheduled to post before August 1, 2014. All Access Music Group not only reports on the music industry's immediate news/events, ratings, executives, & releases, but communicates directly to the inboxes of most major networks, radio stations, labels, & more for the biggest stars and emerging talent. Often seen promoting and hosting major concerts/events with A&R Worldwide, allaccess.com is a much needed portal for all of music and radio entertainment. You'll enjoy the in-depth feature on AA soon. Until then, feel free to visit allaccess.com


Read The Full Alex Alexander 'All Access Music' Feature by clicking here

PopVulture Magazine Interviews Alex Alexander: READ NOW! Podcast

popVULTURE (n): a global entertainment magazine about music, movies, gadgets, gear, science and style. 'Popular Culture ... Picked Apart.' has run a feature interview on none other than our #aamadeinsweden Alex Alexander. The Los Angeles based magazine focuses on AA's music making process, a congrats for excelling in international songwriting competitions, and highlights Alex's new single,"She's A Dynamite," featuring the single CD cover artwork. Click here for the full article

Major Music Source Interviews Alex Alexander 

(June/July 2014). We can't reveal our source just yet, but coming this Summer/Fall 2014, you'll enjoy a detailed interview with Alex Alexander, by a leading industry portal that harnesses music, airplay, and music news across the worldwide web-- especially to major US music and media networks, industry inboxes, radio stations, magazines, and more! Quite an honor, as the request came across the desk of brand manager, asha spacek (@ashaspacek) to submit AA for a full fledged "big boy" interview by such a trusted industry source. Guess our trip out to LA a few months ago, is starting to pay off. AA: recognized by the web's largest radio and music industry community as a budding musician and model; plus a pretty cool first new single, "She's A Dynamite." We can not wait to share the full story soon. #aamadeinsweden AlexAlexanderLIVE.com alex@urfewmedia.tv



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